Strategies to Determine Fair Rental Rates for an Investment Property


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Fair Rental Rates

Jason Cohen of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh has his headquarters in Pittsburgh and has acquired multiple real estate investments in less than a decade’s time. An expert on real estate strategies, Mr. Cohen currently serves as the principal of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, which provides expertise in a broad area of real estate investments that range from evaluating the potential profitability of a property to setting fair rental prices.

When setting rental prices for an investment property, fair rental prices should be listed to encourage long-term renters and avoid the cost of turnover. The use of comps is one strategy often used to determine fair rental prices.

A comp, also known as comparables or comparable sales, is an analysis of recent, nearby sales or rentals gathered to valuate real estate property. Individuals who look at comps are implementing a sales comparison approach (SCA). When identifying properties with this approach, they should possess similar qualities such as square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This approach allows rental prices to be set competitively with other landlords and also attract tenants.

Allegion and Habitat Continue Partnership


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Allegion and Habitat

Jason Cohen is a Pittsburgh-based real estate professional who runs his own advisory team where he offers consulting services to real estate investors. Outside of his work, Jason Cohen supports a number of charitable organizations in Pittsburgh and beyond, including Habitat for Humanity.

Last December, Habitat for Humanity partnered with Allegion Americas, which provided $100,000 in funding to build nine houses in Mexico. Approximately 120 individuals participated in the construction of these houses through their volunteer labor. To date, Habitat has helped close to 57,000 families in Mexico by providing them with affordable housing and a path to homeownership.

Allegion’s partnership with Habitat dates back to 2009, when the two organizations partnered with one another for the first time in Indianapolis. In addition to building homes, Allegion has helped Habitat by providing hardware that the organization sells in its Habitat for Humanity ReStores nationwide. In his comments, Habitat CEO Jonathan Reckford touted the partnership between the two organizations as being mutually beneficial and expressed excitement about their future endeavors together.

Habitat and Dow Chemical Celebrate 35 Years of Partnership

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Habitat and Dow

For more than a decade, Jason Cohen has served clients from his group, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, through which he provides expert advice on real estate investments. An active community volunteer, Jason Cohen has worked with such local charities as the Greater Pittsburgh chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity recently announced 35 years of partnering with the Dow Chemical Company to bring quality, affordable homes to people in need. This year, the two organizations will strive to add even more sustainable building methods, which will help the environment and promote greater self-reliance among homeowners.

Through the partnership, Dow will donate $4 million worth of cutting-edge insulation materials that Habitat will use in both American and Canadian home projects. In 2016, Dow provided similar products to nearly 3,200 Habitat builds, making the homes more energy efficient and less expensive to maintain. This year, the two will partner on 42 different builds in 19 different countries, with Dow kicking in over $1.4 million in financial support.