Jason Cohen developed Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, a group of enthusiasts who provide local clients with physical resources and insight into the real estate business according to their desired investments. Since 2003 he has led this group while also expanding his own portfolio of dozens of assets (reclamation properties) throughout some of the most popular neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

Experience, determination, and education have led to Jason’s substantial acquisitions of real estate within just the first few years of his career in the field. A third-generation real estate investor, Jason strives to differentiate himself in the field through his research-based approach and his ability to work independently while forming local partnerships at the same time. The results: he has paved his own way as a professional in real estate investments, while growing a network of like-minded professionals.

Jason has previously been involved in organizations such as The Urban Land Institute, the National Multifamily Housing Council, the Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. Through his successful and accelerated investing experiences, Jason has gained knowledge that can now prove to be life-changing for those clients looking to get into the real estate business or just make a personal investment.


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