Animal Rescue League – Wildlife Camp

Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center Image:

Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center


With the success of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, Jason Cohen is able to devote time and resources to some of his favorite charities. One of the charities that is especially close to the heart of Mr. Cohen is the Animal Rescue League.

The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides a number of services to teach the local community about caring for animals, including educational programs such as the Wildlife Camp. Offered in both the summer and winter, the day camps teach children about native Pennsylvania animals and their habits as well as their local habitats. This has and continues to be a great passion of Mr. Cohen of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh.

The Wildlife Camp, sponsored by the Animal Rescue League, is for children in grades K through 6. The winter camp focuses on how local Pennsylvania wildlife survive in the cold and how to look for signs of animal life in the area. The summer camp teaches children how to make nature themed crafts and about animals by having the children act out their behaviors.