Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh’s MLK Day of Service

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Habitat for Humanity
Image: habitat.org

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a real estate group headed by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania local Jason Cohen. When he is not providing local clients with in-depth, highly personalized real estate advising services, Mr. Cohen and his team engage in charitable activities, serving as one of the primary sponsors for the Habitat for Humanity special MLK Day program.

The MLK Day of Service is a Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh event that takes place annually on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. As part of past MLK Day of Service events, the organization has completed a number of special projects including cleanups of multiple neighborhoods and homeless shelters, painting and other improvements at community centers and dance studios, and construction projects at local food pantries.

In recent years, MLK Day of Service has spread throughout the city to surrounding counties such as Braddock County, where volunteers helped paint a room at the Salvation Army Center, and Lincoln-Lemon County, where some 50 volunteers came together to make significant improvements to the Holy Trinity Baptist Church. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore also has been a beneficiary of MLK Day volunteer work. To learn more about MLK Day of Service opportunities, please visit www.pittsburghhabitat.org.


Habitat and Dow Chemical Celebrate 35 Years of Partnership

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Habitat and Dow
Image: dow.com

For more than a decade, Jason Cohen has served clients from his group, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, through which he provides expert advice on real estate investments. An active community volunteer, Jason Cohen has worked with such local charities as the Greater Pittsburgh chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity recently announced 35 years of partnering with the Dow Chemical Company to bring quality, affordable homes to people in need. This year, the two organizations will strive to add even more sustainable building methods, which will help the environment and promote greater self-reliance among homeowners.

Through the partnership, Dow will donate $4 million worth of cutting-edge insulation materials that Habitat will use in both American and Canadian home projects. In 2016, Dow provided similar products to nearly 3,200 Habitat builds, making the homes more energy efficient and less expensive to maintain. This year, the two will partner on 42 different builds in 19 different countries, with Dow kicking in over $1.4 million in financial support.

Habitat for Humanity and the Allegheny County Housing Authority

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Allegheny County Housing Authority
Image: pittsburghhabitat.org

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a conceptual group of investors created to assist clients with real estate investments. The group, founded by Jason Cohen, also donates to the Habitat for Humanity.

The Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA) began working with the Habitat for Humanity in 2017. The CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh, Howard Slaughter, Jr., announced the sale of five homes and two lots by ACHA will provide housing for eight families.

To buy a house through the Habitat for Humanity program, a buyer must invest 350 hours of time into the program to build up what they call “sweat equity” in addition to their down payment.

Slaughter hopes the five homes will be remodeled and ready for the families by the end of the year, and new homes will be constructed and inhabited by the end of 2018. While the ACHA already facilitates home ownership, Executive Director Frank Aggazio is pleased with the partnership and expects it to provide even more families with the housing they need.

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh Business Times

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh Business Times

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh Business Times for First Place Standings in the Small Category of the Social Madness Challenge where companies go head to head to compete for bragging rights as the Best Social Media Company in the Nation and the winner will get $10,000 for their designated charity. 

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh’s Charity is Habitat for Humanity.  Vote for your favorite Company here http://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/socialmadness