Habitat and Dow Chemical Celebrate 35 Years of Partnership

Habitat and Dow pic

Habitat and Dow
Image: dow.com

For more than a decade, Jason Cohen has served clients from his group, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, through which he provides expert advice on real estate investments. An active community volunteer, Jason Cohen has worked with such local charities as the Greater Pittsburgh chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity recently announced 35 years of partnering with the Dow Chemical Company to bring quality, affordable homes to people in need. This year, the two organizations will strive to add even more sustainable building methods, which will help the environment and promote greater self-reliance among homeowners.

Through the partnership, Dow will donate $4 million worth of cutting-edge insulation materials that Habitat will use in both American and Canadian home projects. In 2016, Dow provided similar products to nearly 3,200 Habitat builds, making the homes more energy efficient and less expensive to maintain. This year, the two will partner on 42 different builds in 19 different countries, with Dow kicking in over $1.4 million in financial support.


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