3 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

Clever landscaping can make even a humble home look like a mansion. It immediately makes a home more attractive and it can provide functional benefits for the people that live there. There are even a few simple techniques that can have a big impact without demanding extensive or expensive maintenance work from the owners.

Focus on Usable Space

The most efficient way to improve a home’s landscaping is to focus on the areas and improvements that people will use. Simply providing a clear space with a little bit of stone on the ground and some outdoor furniture on top of it is a good starting point. It will serve as a place to hold parties or just eat outside, and the simplicity of the design means that it won’t demand much care. That provides a big boost to the owner’s quality of life without a significant investment.

Rely on Mulch

Gardens are a great way to beautify a lawn. The plants will need some care in order to thrive, but they don’t need as much as many people believe. The trick is to apply a layer of mulch around them, or even to plant them in a bed of mulch instead of grass. Most weeds will struggle to grow in the mulch, which spares gardeners the effort of pulling weeds by hand and the expense of spraying herbicides to kill them. In the long run, the mulch will also break down and provide nutrients to the growing plants. Every plant has its own needs, so it’s best to do some research on each species to figure out how much mulch is appropriate prior to planting.

Use Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is a set of techniques that exist to cut down on the water used in landscaping. The most basic method is to replace parts of a lawn with stone, sand, and other inorganic materials. That cuts down on the amount of time that the owner has to spend watering the lawn to help the grass to grow. It also reduces the need to mow the lawn, and ensures that the grass won’t dry out or wilt due to bad weather. There are also environmental benefits from saving water. This is an ideal choice for those living in hot and dry areas, but anyone can benefit from a bit of xeriscaping.

Landscaping a property is an important, yet often overlooked, part of improvement. Whether selling, renting, or landscaping for your own benefit, these tips are a great starting point for a low-maintenance outdoor space.

This article was originally published on jasonCohenPittsburgh.org.