Great Real Estate Blogs To Check Out In 2020

The real estate market is complex and constantly evolving. Whether you are actively working in the industry or just looking to buy a home, it is key to stay up on the latest real estate news. A great way to do this is by checking out a few blogs. This saves you from doing exhaustive research while also letting learn from the premier experts in the industry. These are the four best real estate blogs to check out in 2020.


This is the ideal blog for anyone interested in attempting to use the real estate market as an investment opportunity. BiggerPockets provides resources and tips to everyone looking to enter the industry. A few blog posts on different topics are posted every day. In addition to the wonderful blog, BiggerPockets also has a dedicated social network that allows you to connect with other real estate investors in the area.

Keller Williams

If you are currently working as a real estate agent, then you absolutely need to read the blog offered by Keller Williams on a regular basis. Keller Williams is the largest real estate firm in the world, and they share their secrets to success on the blog. A lot of the posts focus on improving your branding and marketing to grow as a realtor. They also provide free training materials to enhance your skills.

Housing Wire

Housing Wire is the real estate blog you must read in order to learn all of the latest news in the industry. The esteemed writers at Housing Wire also give their expert analysis of every important news story. This makes it easy to fully understand what is happening in the real estate world without being an expert. If you want to impress someone with your real estate knowledge, then Housing Wire should be your go-to source.


While most real estate blogs are focused on helping people working in the industry, Redfin is catered to help the consumer. Anyone looking to buy, sell or improve their home will find valuable information on the Redfin blog every day. Redfin handles everything from expert data-driven analysis of industry trends to local lifestyle tips. In addition to the informative blog, Redfin also has millions of active home listings on their website.


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