The Best Real Estate Apps For 2020

The real estate industry has rapidly changed over the past few years. The days of relying exclusively on realtors and other experts are officially over. Everyone can now learn just about anything they want to know about the real estate market by using a smartphone. There is an informative app covering every aspect of the real estate industry. These are the four best real estate apps of 2020.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a house, then the app can be very useful. This is the only real estate app out right now that is partnered with the National Association of Realtors. This allows the app to have more active home listings than any other real estate app currently available. The home listings are also immediately updated every time a house is sold or put up for sale.


Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or an affordable home for your family, house auctions are a great way to get an excellent deal on a piece of property. When it comes to home auctions, Xome is easily the best real estate app out there right now. The auction section on Xome has foreclosed, bank-owned, and short-sale houses that cannot be found on any other real estate app. Since they are not widely advertised, these houses generally sell for a lot less than market value.


If you are interested in buying a piece of commercial property, then the LoopNet app needs to be your primary source. You will be able to find thousands of large commercial office buildings and multi-unit properties for sale on LoopNet. The intuitive search function allows you to find these properties in any city in the United States. If you do not find a good investment in your local area, then you can easily shop in another market.


Remodeling is a huge part of the real estate industry, but it often gets overlooked. The Houzz app is perfect for anyone looking to remodel a home. The app will offer a wide range of design ideas to help update any space. You can even hire contractors in the area to perform the remodel directly through the app.


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