Tips For Maximizing Storage In Your Apartment

With rising rent prices, it’s often necessary to choose a small apartment. As a result, you may have to maximize storage to avoid needing a separate storage unit. Check out the tips below on ways to expand the amount of space you have in your apartment without losing your sense of style.

Place Storage Bins Under Your Bed

Placing storage bins under your bed is a simple solution that can open up a lot of space. Instead of stacking up storage containers in your bedroom where they’re visible, you can simply buy plastic storage bins to store an abundance of items. This is also a good way to cultivate a minimalist appearance in your bedroom because it can eliminate a lot of clutter.

Invest In Different Size Baskets

Baskets are both functional and stylish, which is why they make great containers. What’s good about having lots of baskets around your apartment is that visitors will think they’re just decorations when you actually have items stored inside. For instance, you can have a large basket in the living room that’s used to store blankets and other items that may only be used on a seasonal basis. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can store in baskets. For instance, you can have a basket on your desk to store office supplies and on your coffee table to keep remote controls and other electronics.

Use Wall Mounts in Multiple Locations

Depending on the amount of freedom you have to hang things on walls in your apartment, consider mounting hooks. You can use hooks in just about every space for storage purposes. For instance, you can use them near the front door to hang coats, in the bathroom to hang robes and under the kitchen sink to hang cleaning rags. You can also mount small nightstands and lamps on the wall in a way that keeps your apartment free of clutter. With this solution, you won’t have a lot of accessories sitting on the floor.

Maximizing storage in your apartment starts by figuring out where you have unused space and you can start with the examples provided. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and end up with a cluttered apartment.

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