How Real Estate Agents Can Protect Themselves

Many real estate agents have wonderful careers that have brought them tremendous success for years. However, the line of work that they do leaves them far more accessible to the public than most other lines of work. This in part is why there are far more news stories out there today regarding crimes that have taken place against real estate agents. Several murder cases such as Beverly Carter’s made national news back in 2014. Carter who was a real estate agent was showing a property to a client when she vanished and was found murdered. While this may be enough to scare some off from a career in real estate, there are certain things that can be done to help agents protect themselves.

For a majority of these crimes against the real estate agents, they have been alone when the attack takes place against them. Showing a property through the means of an open house is the safest approach to have clients view the property. This allows the agent to have other people around them and not be alone. If there is no way for the client to make it to the open house, make a point to have someone else there when showing the property to the potential home buyer. If there is no way to have someone else there when showing the property, be sure to download safety apps to your devices such as a 911 Pendant or the BSafe app which can record and have voice activation.

Carrying a self-defense weapon is highly encouraged in the instance that something should take place and you must defend yourself. While it is always important to take the flight method if you are attacked, sometimes there is no chance of getting away. These weapons have the potential to save your life when in danger. Some of the most common defense weapons that real estate agents keep on themselves include pepper spray, pocket knives, noisemakers, and firearms. Take the time to research each of these weapons and know-how to properly use them. Many agents also make a point to take self-defense courses that teach various pressure points and pain spots to use if the case were to arise.

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