Pittsburgh’s Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

Animal Rescue League pic

Animal Rescue League

A real estate investment group, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh enables investors to realize their potential. Founder Jason Cohen donates to the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center (ARL), located in Pittsburgh.

Founded in 1909, the ARL added its wildlife center in 1997 to provide rescue rehabilitation services to all animals. The staff has more than 23 years of combined experience treating wildlife, and the center is fully licensed by state and federal agencies.

No animal is ever refused admittance and treatment at the ARL. Good Samaritans wishing to help injured or helpless wild animals should wear gloves and place animals, which are not used to human contact, in a box. Many such creatures also carry diseases.

It is also imperative to not feed the animal, since their diets are not the same as humans or even pets, and items as simple as bread or milk make them deathly ill.

The clinic accepts almost 4,000 animals each year and releases nearly 65 percent of them (twice the national average) back into the wild.


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