Why you should attend a national real estate conference by Jason Cohen Pittsburgh

Why You Should Attend a National Real Estate Conference

Why you should attend a national real estate conference by Jason Cohen PittsburghConferences hardly appeal to most people, and in the field of real estate that’s no exception.  Yet if you attend a real estate conference, you’ll often find that there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.  You might dread it, but if you can attend a national conference you’ll find plenty of experts across the real estate fields, ready to impart and share knowledge.  Here are some reasons you should sign up for a national real estate conference right now, based off an article I found on BiggerPockets by an author who recently visited one:

You’ll learn ways to improve your business: At a national conference, you’ll learn countless new ways to improve your business, many of them unexpected.  The author of the article talked about meeting the CEO of Taskeasy.com at a conference she attended, a company that’s revolutionizing lawn care as the “Uber of lawn care services”.  They often offer lawn care at dramatically reduced prices, allowing homeowners and investors to save plenty of money.  Not something you often think about, but a major money saver nonetheless.  This is just one example of how you can learn to improve your business in a way you never would have thought about before.

You’ll be able to network: That golden word, “networking”, is one of the best reasons to attend a national conference.  Here you can meet potential partners, funders, lenders, mentors and more.  Participating in these conferences allows you to meet people you wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet on a daily basis.

You’ll expand possibilities: At national conferences, you’ll meet investors with massive portfolios.  While it might be easy to be intimidated by this, you can let it inspire you and provide you with a tremendous chance to stretch yourself and your thinking.  If you keep your ears and mind open, you’ll learn to think differently about your business.  

You’ll learn from experienced investors: Conferences offer panel discussions with lively debates about every aspect of real estate investing.  The author of the article spoke about how the conference she attended included shark tank panel discussions that allowed people to see how investors pitch companies with large funds to invest.  The topics range from raising money to running a more efficient property management business.


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