Business Trends For 2016

2015 has been a crazy year, filled with excitement and ups and downs.  It might be hard to believe, but the new year is almost upon us, and it seems that a lot of the business trends of the past year shall continue.  I recently came across an article that discussed some of the year’s highlights, and how you can leverage them in 2016.  Listed here is what this article had to say:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.30.11 AM

Internationally expanding your business: Not being a part of global real estate means missed opportunities.  This doesn’t just mean plugging into a global agent or broker network, but translating marketing materials into multi-lingual websites and brochures, having multi-lingual agents and understanding how people in different parts of the world do business.

The sharing economy: Having just an office and a great website isn’t enough.  Global connections helps to make you part of the Sharing Economy, which promotes peer-to-peer-based sharing of access to goods and services through community-focused online technology platforms.  Uber and Airbnb are some of the companies leading the way in this field, and the concept is just starting to introduced into the real estate industry.

Keeping up with consumer expectations: While there has been more attention paid to this, it’s still a relatively new concept in the real estate industry.  Agents still rely too much on independent contractors to consistently deliver a great experience before, during and after a sale, although the sad fact is that it doesn’t always happen.

Promote your performance at the hyperlocal level: Positioning yourself as an expert in local markets is a great way to stand out against the competition, both local and national.  Instead of talking about how great your company is, talk about the information about the market that you have.  This is one of the foundations of delivering a great consumer experience.

Responsive design can’t be ignored: While responsive design has been around for years, in 2015 it appears to have really established itself.  Mobile usage has skyrocketed and now directly affects how the real estate industry communicates and collaborates.  If your site isn’t built on responsive, mobile-friendly design, then your clients won’t have a good experience and could look elsewhere.  Google’s algorithms will recognize if you aren’t responsive, which in turn will damage your site’s rankings.  If you can be an early adopter of responsive design, your site will look great and give you that edge over your competitors.

Digital marketing is cheaper, faster and better: Although this one seems obvious, brokers aren’t always quick to pick up on it.  Using digital marketing means tracking analytics, trends and other important factors to help you save money, run your business better and make the right choices.


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